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Details regarding components in the current Premiere line can be found at: Kaleidescape disc vaults allow you to quickly and easily add movies and music to your Kaleidescape System.Simply insert as many discs as you like and walk away. The content is automatically added to your library and is ready to be enjoyed throughout your home.

On Kaleidescape Alto systems with more than one player, Cinema One systems with more than one player, and on all Premiere systems, Kaleidescape recommends all components be connected to the same wired local area network.Once these permissions have been set, an application can use normal Android techniques to interact with the user profile’s data. For example, to update the profile’s display name we would call var values = new Content Values (); values. It lets you store your entire collection of Blu-ray and DVD quality movies in one place.It automatically documents and organizes them, and can make them instantaneously available for viewing in every room of your home.

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